Tourists can purchase many souvenir in Japan for weaker yen Japanese Whisky ver.

Japan's Yamazaki 55 Whisky auction news article Jiji 【Japan's Yamazaki 55 Whisky Sells for 600,000 Dollars at Sotheby's】 A bottle of The Yamazaki 55 single malt whisky from Japan's Suntory Spirits Ltd. has sold for 600,000 dollars, or about 81 million yen, at an auction at Sotheby's in New York....

Tourists can purchase many souvenir in Japan for weaker yen sweets ver.

A Strong Dollar, a Weak YenThe yen plunged to its lowest level against the dollar since 1998 on Monday as sky-high U.S. inflation fuels a widening monetary policy gap between Japan and the world's largest economy.Japan's currency has been weakening for months, accelerated by the U.S. Federal Reserv...

What will foreign tourists worry about in Japan? Another problems.

What foreign tourists worry about during stay in Japan?when Foreign tourists stay in Japan , I think they also have some worries. Japan Tourism Agency took a questionnaire. ホテル料金比較サイト【hotels combined】 Rank 2 ~3 Worry of foreign tourists in Japan Almost foreign tourists don't have any problem...

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY when you are in Japan for tourism.

SoftBank Pocket Wi-Fi 501HW The most inportant It is the best not to happen worst things , for example ,sick. But it might happen during travel. foreign traveler can buy this wifi without credit card クレカ不要!どこよりもプリペイドWiFi 【】公式サイト How to call ambulance in Japan When you call an a...

【Japan】What would you like to know about Japan? Blog for foreigne traveler

Japan resumed accepting foreign tourists from June 10 Japan resumed accepting foreign tourists from June 10. Many foreigners will go to Japan.I am happy to choose coming to Japan.If you would like to know something about Japan,I would like to answer as far as I can understand. recommend1 Japane...