IN CASE OF EMERGENCY when you are in Japan for tourism.

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The most inportant

It is the best not to happen worst things , for example ,sick. But it might happen during travel. foreign traveler can buy this wifi without credit card クレカ不要!どこよりもプリペイドWiFi Screenshot_20220614-060305_Chrome 【】公式サイト

How to call ambulance in Japan

When you call an ambulance, Dial number 119 in Japan. In Japan,if you have a suddenly bad illness, you could call a ambulance for free. POCKETALK is an interpreter tool that enables conversations between people who cannot speak each other's words. pocket interpreter POCKETALK(ポケトーク)


I will pray not to happen to get sick suddenly. But if you get sick, please remember dial number 119. If you select the cheapest highway bus, this site highway bus choice site 高速バス比較サイト【バスブックマーク】