Japanese whiskey soars among overseas investors. Japanese whiskey “Yamazaki 50 Years” soaring price of 1 million yen now.what I recommend among whiskey ?

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What is Japanese whiskey

What is Japanese whiskey? Whiskey produced in Japan. Whiskey production began in Japan around 1870, but commercial production began in 1924. Japanese whiskey is modeled after Scotch whiskey, and the English spelling uses a Scottish spelling that omits the "e".

Why Japanese whiskey is so popular

Reasons why Japanese whiskey is so popular in Japan

First, domestically, Since around 2010, Suntory has been focusing on selling highballs, so even younger generations who didn't drink whiskey until now began to enjoy whiskey. In addition, in 2014, NHK's TV drama "Massan" was broadcast, and attention was drawn to domestic whiskey, which also increased the popularity of domestic whiskey. Due to the growing popularity of domestic whiskey, domestic shipments of whiskey have more than doubled in the last ten years, leading to a shortage of unblended whiskey.

Reasons why Japanese whiskey is popular overseas

Japanese whiskey is unique, The taste is delicate. Delicacy comes from the abundance of unblended whiskeys we have. And Japanese whiskey goes well with meals, so I don't think there is any other country that makes whiskey with this idea. Recently, it is said that wealthy people in China are all buying high-end Japanese whiskey. Maybe that's why it's soaring. *The soaring whiskey will be described later.

Popular Japanese whiskey


One of Japan's leading single malts サントリー山崎 Suntory Yamazaki Distillery is located on the border of Osaka and Kyoto, It is located in Shimamoto-cho, Osaka Prefecture, and "Yamazaki" is the name of the place on the Kyoto side.

Ichiro's Malt

At Venture Whiskey in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, イチローズモルト is manufactured and sold, It has now gained worldwide acclaim and has been swept up with awards. Ichiro is the founding president, Mr. Ichiro Hito. Not only does it have a strong taste, It is also popular for its stylish labels.


白州 is the same Suntory product as Yamazaki. This is from Hakushu Distillery in Yamanashi Prefecture. Single malt. It has a reputation as good as Yamazaki. From the location surrounded by rich nature, It has a refreshing citrus flavor. The bottle is also green to match.


is the highest peak of Suntory. It is a blended whiskey of the highest peak of Japanese whiskey. It was created by blending Yamazaki Hakushu malt whiskey with grain whiskey from the Chita factory in Aichi Prefecture. The barrels used for Hibiki are carefully selected from the reservoir. The malt from Mizunara barrels, which has a strong character, is also used for Hibiki. There is a legendary anecdote about how Mizunara barrels, which were used as substitutes for white oak during the war, could not be used at first, but after 20 years, the sake tasted wonderful.


竹鶴 Nikka also has a flagship malt whiskey. Taketsuru is named after Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whiskey and the main character of "Massan". Taketsuru is a vatting of malts from Miyagikyo Distillery and Yoichi Distillery. He calls himself "pure malt" because he is not a blended whiskey with grain whiskey.


余市 Yoichi is a Nikka distillery in Hokkaido, and its signature single malt whiskey. Yoichi Distillery is where Masataka Taketsuru arrived in search of the Scottish climate. Nikka, which pursues ease of drinking just like a single malt, also uses peat to give it a strong aroma when it comes to whiskey from the Yoichi distillery.


宮城峡 Miyagikyo, like Yoichi, is the name of Nikka's distillery and single malt whiskey. At this distillery, we use indirect distillation and constricted stills in order to bring out the individuality that is different from Yoichi. Produces a gorgeous and fruity whiskey.

Soaring Japanese whiskey Suntory Yamazaki 50 years

About Suntory Yamazaki 50 Years

Yamazaki 50 years is the first release so far Limited to 50 in 2005, Limited to 50 in 2007, Limited to 150 in 2011 So, it is a super long-term matured single malt that has been released three times.

How to get "Yamazaki 50 Years"?

Whiskey using malt whiskey over 50 years old is rare in the world, and it sells out as soon as it goes on sale. Is there only one?

Price of "Yamazaki 50 Years"

Yamazaki 50 years is alcohol content 57% 700ml The suggested retail price was 1 million yen excluding tax. However, as I mentioned earlier, it is sold out immediately, so it is now quite expensive. It has exceeded 50 million yen. 価格 63,800,000円 (税込)

Will prices rise in the future? Brands of Japanese whiskey recommended by individuals

Among Japanese whiskeys, There are other big names like the one above. What I am concerned about is

Mount Fuji

Since the name has Mt.Fuji, will foreigners like it? I think 😃 キリンウイスキー 富士山麓 樽熟50° A phantom whiskey that is not currently in production and cannot be drunk again as soon as the market stock runs out.

Kirin Whiskey Mt. Fuji Barrel Aged 50°

"Kirin Whiskey Mt.Fuji Foot Barrel Aged 50°" America's Largest Global Liquor Competition Gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is a brand that is highly evaluated around the world, such as winning the gold medal for the second year in a row at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2015, a global liquor competition.


As expected, I can't buy a brand of whiskey that is too expensive. But there are also relatively cheap limited-edition Japanese whiskeys. I researched them and bought them. Also, some of the popular Japanese whiskey brands listed above are still relatively affordable. However, since these are also few in number, the price may rise quickly, so if you like it, please buy it as soon as possible. If I was wondering, there are several brands that have sold out.