What will foreign tourists worry about in Japan? Another problems.



What foreign tourists worry about during stay in Japan?

when Foreign tourists stay in Japan , I think they also have some worries. Japan Tourism Agency took a questionnaire. Screenshot_20220615-190056_Chrome ホテル料金比較サイト【hotels combined】

Rank 2 ~3 Worry of foreign tourists in Japan

Almost foreign tourists don't have any problem during Japan stay. ↓this is the blog
What will foreign tourists worry about in Japan? : What would you like to know about Japan?
But half of them have some problems. What's problem? Screenshot_20220615-081653_Chrome

I can't communicate with the staff of the facility (20.6%)

My foreign friend came to Japan before. He got lost in Tokyo. He asked how to go in English. But nobody could answer. He said he was in trouble. Even now almost Japanese can't speak English. You need to use electronic dictionary or smartphone interpreter during Japan stay.
POCKETALK is an interpreter tool that enables conversations between people who cannot speak each other's words. pocket interpreter POCKETALK(ポケトーク)

3rd place: Free public wireless LAN environment (18.7%)


It cannot be said thatthe free wireless LAN environment is still in place in Japan.



Like this ,
communication,Internet environment are out of date.

It's inconvenient for foreigjn tourists.

But I think we have nice scenery and yummy foods 😋

You will enjoy yourself in Japan.