Tourists can purchase many souvenir in Japan for weaker yen Japanese Whisky ver.



Japan's Yamazaki 55 Whisky auction

Screenshot_20220615-190056_Chrome news article Jiji 【Japan's Yamazaki 55 Whisky Sells for 600,000 Dollars at Sotheby's】 A bottle of The Yamazaki 55 single malt whisky from Japan's Suntory Spirits Ltd. has sold for 600,000 dollars, or about 81 million yen, at an auction at Sotheby's in New York. The successful price was higher than 400,000-500,000 dollars estimated before the auction. The auction took place Friday. The Yamazaki 55 uses unblended whisky aged for 55 years or longer at Suntory Spirits' Yamazaki Distillery in the town of Shimamoto in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan. In 2020, the company sold only 100 bottles of The Yamazaki 55 by lottery as the company's oldest whisky at a price of 3.3 million yen including tax each. Thanks to its rarity, a bottle of the whisky later sold for 6.2 million Hong Kong dollars, or about 106.6 million yen at the current exchange rate, at an auction in Hong Kong. The Yamazaki 55 "sits at the pinnacle of collectible Japanese whisky as not only the oldest but also the most valuable bottle in the country's history," Sotheby's commented.
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About Japanese Whisky

Like the news above, Japanese whiskey is popular. There may be a limit on the number of bottles, but how about whiskey as a souvenir? Also, when you come to Japan for a trip, please try it.

popular for foreign tourists【Japanese whiskey】

A bottle of The Yamazaki 12 single malt whisky
A bottle of The Yamazaki HAKUSYU 12 whisky
サントリー 白州 12年 700ml
This is a limited-edition product made at the Mars Shinshu Distillery,    the only whiskey distillery in Nagano Prefecture. Drink comparison set
A stylish Japanese whiskey with a label design featuring gold mountains and cherry blossoms in a dark bottle. Founded in 1765, Sasakawa Sake Brewery has been manufacturing whiskey since 1946 as the only local whiskey maker in Tohoku.
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There are many other delicious whiskeys in Japan. Is it possible to make delicious whiskey because the water is abundant and delicious? Please enjoy Japanese whiskey. If you have any question, Please send me from inquiry.